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Setu Industries

Setu Industries

Royal Park, Rajkot, Gujarat

Industrial Water Pumps

We are enagged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Mud Sewage Pumps, Mud Sewage Pumps Compact Design, Stainless Steel Pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps SIG Series, Rotary Gear Pumps SEG Series, Coolant Pumps, Rotary Gear Monoblock Pumps. These products are widely appreciated for their corrosion resistance, high dimensional accuracy, efficient performance, wide application and durability. These pumps find wide application in many industrial sectors. 

Mud Sewage Pumps

Stainless steel Centrifugal Pumps

SCF-51 & SCFZ-51Get Quotation

SCF-51 & SCFZ-51

SCF-61 & SCFZ-61Get Quotation

SCF-61 & SCFZ-61

SCF-71 & SCFZ-71Get Quotation

SCF-71 & SCFZ-71

SCF-72 & SCFZ-72Get Quotation

SCF-72 & SCFZ-72

SCF-81 & SCFZ-81Get Quotation

SCF-81 & SCFZ-81

Motor Bare Pump

Motor Bare PumpGet Quotation

Motor Bare Pump

Rotary Gear Pumps SIG Series

Rotary Gear Pumps SEG Series

Self Priming Pumps

Self Priming PumpsGet Quotation

Self Priming Pumps

Self Priming PumpsGet Quotation

Self Priming Pumps

SS Self Priming PumpsGet Quotation

SS Self Priming Pumps

Coolant Pumps

SCP-2Get Quotation


SCP-3 Coolant PumpsGet Quotation

SCP-3 Coolant Pumps

SCP-4Get Quotation


SCP-5Get Quotation


SCP-6Get Quotation


Rotary Gear Monoblock Pumps

Stainless Steel Gear Pumps

Self Priming Pumps for Civil Industry

Rotary Gear Pumps for Oil Industry

Back Pull Out Pumps

Back Pull Out PumpsGet Quotation

Back Pull Out Pumps